Confusion, Anxiety, ADD or What

Are you like me?  I’m not sure what to label the action, or lack of action. I just know the results, or again, the lack of results. Here’s how it goes.

I start up my computer each day with a specific task in mind.  And I’m busy – working all day on the keyboard. Typing, selecting websites to browse, reading and clicking on news headlines and scouring the email inbox, clicking on links.

Maybe I’ll get tired and walk around the house or sometimes take a little nap. Occasionally, I’ll awake from a nod after falling asleep at the computer.

Regardless, I’m busy and entertained all day.  So what’s the beef, you say?

Well, as the sun goes down, and I begin to wind down from the pressures on the day,  thoughts begin to emerge of the happenings after dinner. What’s on TV tonight?  Any thing interesting or worth watching?

So, after dinner either I’m watching TV or still perusing the web on the computer, or as happens most nights, I’m doing both at the same time. Well, that’s okay. I’ve worked steadily all day and deserve a little pleasure.

And then, as  I reflect on the events of the day, reality hits me. Yes, I’ve been busy and occupied all day with just a few short breaks and stops for coffee and meals, but the task I began to perform this morning is still unperformed.

You see, as I opened the computer to begin the task this morning, a headline caught my eye. I clicked the link to quickly check the article. While reading the article, another link or headline caught my eye.

That was 10 or 11 hours ago and I can’t understand what happened to all the time. Oh well! Tomorrow, I’ll get an early start and make up for today.

Search Properly To Get The Information You Need

I’m sure you have searched for information on Google or other search engines. Just how did you go about the search?  Were you successful? Did you find what you were looking for?  Or did you end up with general information or perhaps content that was really totally unrelated to your search? If this were the case, you probably just gave up and ended the search.

On the other hand, maybe the search term[s] provided so much information you were so overwhelmed, again you were tempted to just give up.

Okay, you ask. Just how should the search be completed?

Use a general term[s] which will bring many returns. If you find that the results are mostly about your topic, then begin adding words to the search term[s] which will refine the results more. As you keep refining, the results should become more specific to the term[s].

Then, if the providing results have the searched words, but not as you requested, the search was broad which means the words are present but not necessarily together or in the order you need. The information will not always be specifically related to your subject. Another step is required.

To become more refined, take the search term that provided the best results, place the terms in ”quotes” and search again. This will return “exact match” results which deal with the words in the same order as the search terms and should be more specifically related.

Therefore, if you are looking for general information, just enter one or two words and then add other words to narrow down the search. However, if you are looking for specific words or phrases, or maybe a quote, list the words with “quotation marks” to bring more specific results.

In addition to searches of terms on websites, Google also helps you find just what you might be looking for by providing many special features. To get more informaton on searching and acquire the special search features, go to

And good searching!

What’s This RSS Thing?

Okay, so just what is RSS? Some will tell you Rich Site Summary and others will say Really Simple Syndication. That will depend on whom you’re talking to and the person’s background. But it really doesn’t matter.

RSS is just another way for us to get information and content from websites.  A website will have an icon that is actually a link. The website uses a service such as Feedburner to provide the material so most any RSS Reader can decipher and present the material in a readable fashion.

You just have to click on the link and sign up for the RSS feed, then select a reader service and you’re good to go. The feed will be updated each time the website publishes a new article and will usually have available the last 10 articles.  A great way to keep up with your favorite author, subject, or website.

After you  sign up for RSS feeds, many ways are available to view the feeds. Two ways are provided by Google. If you are interested in just a few website feeds, you can customize your Google homepage with iGoogle and get the few feeds there.  However, if you are interested in more, like dozens or even hundreds of different feeds, then you will be interested in using Google Reader.

Google reader will present all the feeds at one location. What a blessing and time saver. No longer will you have to go to all the different websites to check their latest posting, or to even see if a post has been made. You will see excerpts from the feed and can click to see the full writing.

Google Reader will even tell you the number of new unread feeds. It works similar to email. All your subscriptions are located in one spot where you can scan the snippets and chose what you want to read and save and what you want to discard.

In addition to Google, you can find and install stand alone programs on your computer that allow you to read and manage all the RSS subscriptions.

So, save time, sign up, get involved and stay informed.

How To Get To The Next Level

I’ve struggled, I’ve failed [many times], and I’ve had many successes. I’ve tried this and done that.

I’ve been  a musician, educator, real estate broker, real estate developer, home builder and  remodeler, cabinet shop owner,  salesman,  and now an internet marketer.

Two things have been realized while struggling through the years:

1. Everyone has something to overcome in life.  Many go through life never realizing [or accepting] this fact. They struggle all their life and wonder why they can  never  get ahead –  always living payday to payday. And always in debt, struggling every day.

The obstacle is different for everyone and must be dealt with on an individual basis. It may be a personality trait, psychological, a physical deficiency, a bad relationship, an accident, a dependency, or a habitual habit. In order to become all a person can be and to gain true success, one has to recognize, deal with and overcome this obstacle. Some of us will have several obstacles to face in our lifetime.

One thing is for sure. At some point in life, everyone will come in direct contact with an obstacle which stands in their way. This must be faced and dealt with before a person can move on. Otherwise the person will be on a roller coaster, getting nowhere and in a frustrated quaidmire.

2. A person can gain a certain amount of success dealing with life without help. However, to get to the next level, the assistance of another is a must. A mentor can give one the direction and knowledge needed to advance through doors leading to stairs to the next level.

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